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How to Shop

You can shop in this store in a number of ways. If you arent sure what sort of product you want to buy, or you are just browsing, then you can click the links on the "Categories" menu, to browse our various departments. Products are arranged hierarchically, so click through the various levels to find exactly what you want.

Searching for Products

If you know exactly what you are looking for, then just type in the word, ManID or word of mouth, you may find it easier to use the search facility to search through our catalogue and quickly select the product you want. For more detailed/refined searches, there is also an Advanced Search, which allows you specify exactly what features you are looking for.

More Info

When you have found a product that you are interested in, more information can be found by clicking the product name or the products thumbnail image. This will typically include a longer description, larger picture(s) and size/colour options etc… If someone has written a review for a product, this will show up if you press the Reviews button.

Buying Products and the My Cart

When you are happy that you want to purchase an item from our store, simply check the quantity listed is correct (changing it if necessary) and click Buy Now. This will take you to your shopping cart. If you are a registered customer, and youre signed in, you could alternatively add a product to your wishlist, a list of products you are interested in, but are yet to purchase. This can be accessed from within the registered users area.

Registering and Logging In

To log in simply type your username and password in the box provided on every page. To register click the "Register Now" link on the page. This will ask you to select a Personal or Business account. The differences are that the Business Account requests your Business details as well as your own details. You must then check your emails to activate your account. This is to help prevent fraud. Registered Users You have a few more options available in the User Area.

These include The My Cart – a list of everything that you have said you would like to buy, but havent got round to buying yet for whatever reason; Order History – a listing of all your previous orders; and Customer Information, a screen where you can change your stored details (which are automatically filled in for you when you purchase a product).

Shopping Cart

In your shopping cart, you will see a list of all the products you wish to purchase. If you are registered with us, enter your login details and click "Login". If there are any items that are incorrect in your cart, then now is the time to change them. You must then select your shipping destination. Once you have all the correct details selected, click Checkout.


In the checkout, your details should be mostly filled in if you have logged in. If not, or if you arent a registered customer, enter your details in the boxes provided. When all your details are entered, click Checkout Once you have confirmed the order then it will take you to the secure payment processing page and once its done, your order will be confirmed by email.

Order Confirmation

You should now receive a confirmation of your order on your screen, and in your email inbox. Please print a copy of at least one of these.



Chew Toffees
Banana Splitz
Chat Patti Imli
Chew Toffee Twins
Cream Caramels
Dewy Chewy
Ice Cream Chew 3 in 1 Flavour
Wicked (Sour Chew)
Wicked Fizz Sour Chew
Wicked Normal Chew

Sweets All Occasions

Wedding Favours

Wedding Sweets
Corporate Sweets
Promotional/Customised Sweets For Hotels

Chill Pill (Chilli Milli)
Halal sweets, Bonbons

Atomic Head
Butter Scotch
Candy Balls
Candy Surprise
Chocolate Beans
Chocolate Eclairs
Cinamon Balls
Cola Candy
Crazy Dip
Mini Jaw Breaker
Pi Wi Tangy Candy
Red Hot Jaw Breaker With Bubble

Chili Mili
Jelly Beans
Jelly Bear
Jelly Bottles
Jelly Cola Bottles
Jelly Delight
Jelly Malo Ring
Jelly O
Jelly Racer
Sour Jelly Bear
Sour Jelly O

Bubble Gum
Assorted Shape Gum
Fiery Hot Candy Gum
Fruit Flow
Fruit Shape Gum
Gum Balls
Joe Soft Center Filled Gum
Kids Bubble
Magic Gum
Pi-Wi Gum
Soda 7
Super Tattoos
Twist Gum

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